Crystal SLC
Shared Learning Centre
(Technical centres, Lodges, camps, sports teams etc.)

The Concept:

Some local Learning Centre (aka Technical learning Centres) and Crystal have been working to streamline the transfer of data between the contributing and host schools.
In the past every time a contributing school removes or changes a user’s details then the Learning Centre has to also edit their corresponding file(s).
The work load becomes crippling as the number of student rises, documentation becomes out of date and errors start to creep in.

Ideally the Learning Centre’s documentation should be linked to the contributing school so when data is changed at the contributing school end then the data  immediately changes at the Learning Centre’s end.
This is especially important for attendance, report and medical information.

Crystal is a service that does just this.

  • Every night Crystal looks at key demographic data (That is name and contact details - nothing else) in the contributing school and matches it against the Learning Centre documentation and makes the necessary changes.
  • If there is a significant change Crystal will also flag the need for an update to the Learning Centre’s medical records.

Privacy is very important part of this process and there are a number of steps taken to ensure data security.

  • The process meets the expectations set by “One Government”.
  • This is a set of technical criteria that meets the demands for privacy and security in data transfer and databases.
  • Approval must be given by both the contributing school and Learning Centre’s principal.
  • Only the demographic  user data is selected and compared.
    • The export of medical data from the contributing school to the Learning centre is a separate manual process only when requested for selected students.
      The contributing can edit this data if appropriate as long as the safety of the student is not compromised.

The Mechanics:
Contributing schools almost always host their source documentation (aka SMS – School management System) in the Cloud.
The contributing school gives their SMS’s permission for Crystal to nightly pull the required demographic data from their hosted SMS using a protocol called UDI and this is stored in a secure SQL database.  
This data is then compared to the Learning Centre’s data and any necessary changes made.
The Learning Centre can access that SQL database at any time in order to generate specialised documents and reports.

  • Examples: Attendance rolls, medical reports, marking schedules, reports and class lists.

The Timeline:

  1. The Learning Centre decides to adopt this Crystal service and supplies a list of contributing schools.
  2. Configuration… (see SLC Crystal web site for details)
    1. The Learning Centre Principal (or rep) makes contact with contributing schools to discuss the proposal.
    2. When agreement is reached the contributing school informs both Crystal and their SMS.
    3. The contributing school sets up systems at the contributing school end.
    4. Crystal sets up contributing school accounts and pulls the first  demographic data set from the SMS.
  3. Once the demographic data is flowing an automatic request will sent to the contributing for selected users medial data.

Crystal offers to schools an Identity and Data Management and Access service.
Crystal is a service that grew from the old Nelson-Marlborough Loop.

  • Crystal also offers a provisioning service where it can automatically populate and manage   over 20 other cloud services.
  • The Learning Centre may use other commercial services (Examples: SMS, Google, Moodle, Hapara) to enhance their teaching and learning program using this data.
  • Contributing school will find there are attractive incentives if they choose to subscribe to Crystal in their own right.
  • More information about Crystal can be found here…