KAMAR SMS demographic export

Collection of SMS data from Kamar

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  • The Kamar SMS is solely used by secondary schools.
  • This is the data source needed to drive the timetable based group provisioning (aka timetabled classes into the cloud).
  • The standard SMSIAM csv export does not contain rich enough data to populate group clouds based on the timetable.
  • Additional data exports from Kamar to NetAdmin needs to be implemented.
  • Area, Intermediate and Primary schools can manage with just the standard SMSIAM export. 


  • Generate the export CSV files ... The prime data source uses the UDI (SMSIAM.csv) export.
  • This need to be scheduled for every night.
  • Kamar have a excellent FAQ on how to setup and schedule this process.
  • Additional teacher data (Classes.csv) and course data (StudentsGroupList.csv) are also needed in order to fully populate the necessary fields to provision Hapara and Moodle.
  • These two files need to be exported placed in the Crystal DropBox on the Crystal machine on your network.
  • Crystal will pick up the data files from this folder and merge the data within NetAdmin. 


  • Kamar handles extra-long names different for usernames and email addresses that it it truncates then in two different ways. 
  • In order to match the tables teacher codes need to be changed to their usernames so that the systems can recognise and match the data (aka the username is unique identifier).
  • The firstname.lastname username format will make the generation of the the additional data sets much easier.
  • It is not known if other username formats can be manipulated to form the corresponding username.
  • Markbooks will need to be set up asap. The system will work without all the Markbooks set up - but it does make things more complete..
  • All course names will not be generated for "Classes" data until the Markbooks are set up.
  • The manual "Classes" data  export will have to be repeated until all markbooks and thus all course names are generated and exported